Tuesday, 20 April 2010

GeoSynth - using Bing Maps

GeoSynth™, a derivative product of Microsoft® Photosynth™ enables fully automated reconstruction of 3D scenes from digital photos or video and an intuitive means to visualize the images within a 3D geospatial context known as a Synth. GeoSynth is intended for users who need an analytical capability without internet connectivity.
Bing Maps Geosynth Overview
Take your own Digita Camera Pictures and transform them into 3D Streetside Scenes

•Capture an environment quickly at varying resolutions with most any digital HD video camera
•Reconstruct 3D geospatial environments fully automatically
•Combine views from a wide time span (4D)
•Standalone capability for offline usage w/o Internet connectivity
•KML map products and point clouds exported for OGC tool access
•Launch Bing Maps 3D viewer readily from any photo perspective

GeoSynth, a standalone application, is comprised of a Viewer and “GeoSynther” which provides
the same incredible capabilities as Photosynth to users who require offline storage and distribution of Synths.

Bing Maps Geosynth Geogtagging Photographs
Geotagging Digital Photographs for GeoSynth, postioned in 3D (heading,pitch,roll) locations

Those unfamiliar with Photosynth can visit Photosynth.com, Microsoft’s revolutionary web platform that enables Windows Live users to freely synthesize and view 2d and 3d environments from photo collections.

GeoSynth customers can take a customized version with this same technology offline for standalone usage in the field or on secure intranets.


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