Friday, 14 May 2010

Bing Maps gets Navigation for Windows Phones

Bing Navigation Map app for Windows phones.

Redesigned even the home page. Navigation refreshed to give people faster access to common searches such as Locations, Traffic.

Turn-by-turn navigation for Windows 6.x phones, powered by Bing Maps. Microsoft Tellme team’s built hte voice applications to deliver an amazingly lifelike voice experience for the turn-by-turn navigation. If you have a Windows phones on Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T you can use the voice guided navigation. USA Only.

Now when getting directions with Bing, you’ll see a new “Navigate” button. By selecting it, Bing will calculate your route, and guide you as you drive. You can select the fastest or shortest route, choose to avoid traffic and/or tolls, get a map or a list of directions, and see arrows and hear alerts to know which way to turn next.

Navigation Bing Maps App Navigation Bing Maps App Navigation Bing Maps App Navigation Bing Maps App

The navigation feature is compatible with the phones below. If you have one of these and are in the U.S., check your phone for the update or go to

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