Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Azure SQL 2008 - Bing Maps - Near Route Demo

Azure SQL 2008 - Bing Maps - Near Route Demo

After the announcement http://bingmapswatch.blogspot.com/2010/03/bing-maps-sql-azure-support-april-2010.html that Azure SQL 2008 was implmenting Spatial Support (Geography and Geometry) this now enabled.

This is an example of combining, Windows Azuew, SQL Azure, Silverlight and Bing Maps to produce a find along a route example

Windows Azure SQL 2008 Bing Maps Find Near a Route
Finding Petrol (Gas) Stations along a route (Boston to Chicago) within 1km (1000m) of the route.

The code inside Azure SQL 2008 doing this is

@myGEOM is the lat and lng (x1,y2)+(x2,y2) start and end points for the route
@myBuffer is the buffer distance (1000m default)
@myRoute is the (xy,xy,xy,xy) of the enitre route creating a polyline
This polyline is then buffered creating a polygon (area) around the route.
SQL 2008 Azure then uses Geoproccessing 'Buffer' and 'Intersect' to pull-out
any points (gas stations in this example) and then displays the points as markers
on bing maps

 CREATE PROCEDURE [FindNearRoute] @myGEOM nvarchar(MAX), @myBuffer int
--Create the Buffer
DECLARE @myRoute geography;
SET @myRoute = @myGEOM;

DECLARE @SearchArea geography;
SET @SearchArea = @myRoute.STBuffer(@myBuffer);

--Return all POI in the search area
SELECT Lat, Lon, Name
FROM PetrolStations
WHERE (@SearchArea.STIntersects(GEOM)) = 1

Live Example (Silverlight required)

There is also a zip file (BM-FindNearRoute.zip) with all the source code required to create your own find near a route example.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Draggable Routes Demo - Bing Maps API - Windows Azure

Bing Maps API - Draggable Routes Demo

Bing Maps Draggable Route
Routes can now be made draggable

"Many people like the drag-able routes in the consumer facing implementation of Bing Maps. This feature basically allows you to mouse over a route-path and drag a point to a location that you want to drive past. "

Bing Maps Dragged Route
Dragged Route - Auto re-calculation of the route.

Multi-waypoint routing in Bing Maps. You can have up to 25 waypoints, 27 including start point, an endpoint and up to 25 points in between within a single route-calculation. When the route is dragged the API re-calculates the route and basically adds an additional waypoint into the route.

Draggable Routes Bing Maps Demo

Source with Code with thanks to Johannes Kebeck

Sunday, 20 June 2010

BusTrack Windows Phone 7 App - Bing Maps

BusTrack Windows Phone 7 App - Bing Maps

Below is a preview of the Windows Phone 7 app used for real-time tracking of Chicago buses.

"This app will make sure you never miss a bus, and perhaps more importantly, will make sure you know the best time to leave your house or office so you don’t end up standing and waiting at the bus stop for a ridiculous amount of time."

Windows Phone 7 app used for real-time tracking of Chicago buse

  • It takes full advantage of the Bing Maps Silverlight control to plot out exact GPS locations of buses and stops, making sure you always know the optimal time to leave.
  • BusTrack can even group your most frequent stops together by a “location” so you don’t have to bounce in and out of different routes that you might want take to your destination.
More information:

Friday, 11 June 2010

Bing Maps South Africa World Cup 2010 App

Bing Maps South Africa World Cup 2010 App

Bing Maps South Africa World Cup 2010 App

World Cup – The New World Cup map app highlights all the different countries participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Countries are pinned to the map with their respective flags as pushpin icons. Clicking a flag pin will tell you when their next game is and against who they play with links to the FIFA web site for the respective match. Additionally, Bing in Partnership with Twitter & FIFA are pushing down tons of information such as teams, stats and standings right in Bing Maps. Now millions of World Cup fans can easily follow the month-long soccer [Football] finals with the Bing Maps World Cup app. In addition to group standings, the app will link by country to team stats including results and fixtures. The latest World Cup news will be supplied via an RSS feed from FIFA. Also, Stadiums will be pinned on the map; selecting a stadium will automatically zoom in on the map to the level that will display an aerial image of the stadium. Tweets that include World Cup terms [#WorldCup] will be shown. And for users who want to feel like they are there, they can check out World Cup specific 3D scenes from Photosynth. And Aerial photos have been just updated in time for World Cup. So, if you zoom to the areas in and around the stadiums you’ll see some high resolution aerial photos with the new stadiums in clear view.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Create a Treasure Map with Bing

Styling Destination Maps

Bing's Destination Map is a fun application that lets you create a static map for any location in the world and give it a number of predefined styles. The styles include a hand-drawn look and a pirate style.

To create a map just choose a location and the style you want for your map. Bing will then create your map for you.

Once created you can print out the map or save it to the web.

Monday, 7 June 2010

The King of Bing Maps Challenge

Bing have released the Bing Map App Software Development Kit (SDK). This release gives developers the ability to create their own map apps built on top of Bing Maps and hosted on bing.com/maps.

Once developers have created a Bing Map app, they are encouraged to submit it to the King of Bing Maps Challenge. The challenge starts today and concludes on July 25, 2010.

Bing have also released a new mapping app Weatherbug


With WeatherBug you can check weather around the world or select an observation station to see the current conditions. Observation stations are pinned to the map and you can layer Doppler and satellite weather imagery over the map view.

Observation stations include National Weather Service locations, WeatherBug Backyard stations, and WeatherBug stations, which may include current and next day forecasts, camera images and links to radar imagery.

Free Ice Cream with Bing Maps

Bing Ice Cream Van Tour

Bing in the UK have just launched an ice cream van tour. This Bing Map of the tour promises a free delicious ice lolly courtesy of Bing and tells you where and when you can collect your freebie.

The tour seems to run for all of June and the ice cream van seems to be touring mostly in London but there are a few planned stops between London and Reading. If you want to find out where the ice cream van is stopping then you need to check out this Bing Map of the tour.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bing Health Maps

Bing Health Maps
New Bing Map App: Bing Health Maps, Florida.

Data from the Department of Health and Human Services is used in this new Bing Map App dubbed Bing Health Maps. The new Map App provides statistical information for the entire United States by county to visualize healthy & not-so-healthy parts of the country to help you make healthier decisions.

"After viewing this app, you’ll want to stay healthy…"

"Using the Bing Health Map App allows for a great, quick views of the different counties around the U.S. How useful would this be in only tabular form?"
Chris Pendleton - Bing Maps Technical Evangelist

Bing Health Maps - http://tinyurl.com/Bing-Health-Maps

More Information: