Thursday, 24 June 2010

Draggable Routes Demo - Bing Maps API - Windows Azure

Bing Maps API - Draggable Routes Demo

Bing Maps Draggable Route
Routes can now be made draggable

"Many people like the drag-able routes in the consumer facing implementation of Bing Maps. This feature basically allows you to mouse over a route-path and drag a point to a location that you want to drive past. "

Bing Maps Dragged Route
Dragged Route - Auto re-calculation of the route.

Multi-waypoint routing in Bing Maps. You can have up to 25 waypoints, 27 including start point, an endpoint and up to 25 points in between within a single route-calculation. When the route is dragged the API re-calculates the route and basically adds an additional waypoint into the route.

Draggable Routes Bing Maps Demo

Source with Code with thanks to Johannes Kebeck!42E1F70205EC8A96!12519.entry

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