Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bing Maps - CachEye

Bing Maps - CachEye

CACH'EYE is a free personalised geocaching map service based on a Bing Maps application. Each user can define the content of his personal cachemap. Cache data are imported from Pocket Queries, from GPX- / LOC-Files or are exported from Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) and visualised in an easy-to-use interactive map.

CachEye BING Maps OSM Layer
Clear, creative mapping for geocaches around the world.

Version 1.1 has many new features
  • Caches and additional waypoints now can be imported into the map directly from your Pocket Queries using the PQ-ZIP-File or still by using a GSAK-macro (as in V1.0), Up to 3000 caches plus waypoints may be displayed.

  • A single cache may be imported and visualized on the map via a GPX- or LOC-File.

  • Caches and additional waypoints now are associated to each other. With Focus/cache the map highlights and zooms to all waypoints of a specific cache.

  • ToDo-Lists assist you in quick and easy route planning. Todo-lists are named and you can maintain several lists.

  • Now you may move solved "Mysteries", "Multicaches" and "Other Caches" to corrected coordinates on the map in case you did not import this cache from GSAK.

  • Openstreetmap also can be used as the basemap.

  • Measure distance tool

  • Altitude display (approx.) in Cache/Waypoint/Marker Popup

  • Metrics (km/miles) may be changed in account settings / information.

  • Displays waymarks on the map for GSAK-based datasets

  • Invoke the "Log Your Visit" page directly from within the map

  • Better appearance on 800x600 screen resolution
Map Demo:

More information on CachEye

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