Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bing Maps Revamped

Bing Maps Revamped

The new Bing Map look, clearer (less clutter) make it easier to read and locate regions.

  • Cool colours visually recede allowing warmer overlays to come forward - An elegant backdrop for information delivery and helps content ‘pop out’ on the map
  • Road colour provides greatest differentiation scientifically from red, yellow, green traffic overlays. 
  • De-saturation on zoom allows more continuous transition to photographic material (Aerial, Birdseye, Streetside) and allows user to focus on street level detail better.
  • Designed to work in black and white and to be differentiated by those with the most common forms of colour blindness
  • Crisp/easy to read font, larger font corresponds to larger roads
  • Lower cognitive load – Less  data / clearer details (loads faster)
  • Improved international coverage: Data updates deliver improved road and street detail across Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Asia.

    More information and source (including image)

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