Monday, 22 August 2011

Bing Maps Streetside - London UK

Bing Maps Streetside - London UK
Bing Maps Streetside - London UK
Streetside is now available for some parts of London, England

Bing Maps Streetside - Westminster Bridge London UK
Westminister Bridge, London Bus and London Eye Iconic Landmarks, but do not expect 'Google Streetview' type functionality this is more a slide-show of images.

More information on Streetside

View Streetside - London UK (click the icon next to Traffic)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Decode Jay-Z with Bing Maps

Last year Bing ran a cool campaign around the release of a biography by rapper Jay-Z. The campaign involved placing objects around America related to Jay-Z's life.

Fans were then invited to take part in an on-line game to find the objects using Bing search and Bing Maps. The campaign has now finished but you can still see how the game unfolded at Decode Jay-Z.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A new user interface for Bing Maps

A new user interface for Bing Maps

A new user interface for Bing Maps

Text labels for most of the buttons, Controls accessible while still allowing the map to be the focus of the page.

These improvements are being rolled out to all of Bing's international sites with appropriate market-specific functionality. For example, Bing Maps users in the UK will still have access to the London Street Map and Ordnance Survey styles, along with our standard Road map, via the vector style drop-down. The public transport overlay, showing tube, DLR, and tram networks, is also readily available from the navigation bar when the map is centered over the greater London area.

A user interface for Bing Bird Eye View

Improved access to these imagery types by making them directly accessible from the top of the navigation bar. At the same time, you can now more easily switch between various road and imagery styles with a single click.

More information on the update:

Thursday, 6 January 2011

#ukfuel Bing Maps

#ukfuel Bing Maps

#ukfuel Bing Maps

Same concept as Ben Marsh's but with UK fuel prices and UK Post Codes and twitter mapped out on Bing Maps

The format of #ukfuel tweets is as follows:
[postcode] [fuel type] [price]

For example:

DA16 UL £1.30